Kelli's Priorities

SURVEY: Kelli is committed to prioritizing a City-wide Citizen Survey to place Opelika voices front and center. 
SAFETY:  Kelli has learned that her neighbors in Ward 3 want to see an increase in the safety of public spaces like bike paths, sidewalks, and public parks.  
SOLUTIONS: Finding smart, creative solutions for Opelika's most challenging issues is where Kelli's skill set will thrive. 


I aim to be accessible to residents, seeking feedback to inform decision-making.


I am dedicated to finding smart, creative solutions for difficult, complicated problems. 


I will take an action-oriented approach to working with others in our local area. 

 There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about. – Margaret J. Wheatley

It would be an honor to

apply the skills, expertise,

and knowledge I have

accumulated to better shape

my community and do so

with intention. Being elected

to Opelika City Council would

be one of many ways I feel I

can use my education to give back.


We Need Your Support Today!

Kelli T for Ward 3

Kelli wants to hear from you! Reach out to share your ideas, voice concerns, or schedule a meeting.


Phone: 334 787 9603

Facebook: @KelliTforWard3

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